Anyone can build cabinets. (And, incidentally, any box store can sell them.)

But if it’s EXCELLENCE you’re after, that takes a process of craftsmanship—an infusion of experience and soul into each project. Here’s some of the specifics of our process and our cabinet construction that we feel sets it apart.


Quality grows in trees. WOOD SELECTION matters, and that’s why we are focused on premium woods and sources for each lumber species. Wood is a natural product, and subject to environmental impact, but care in storage, climate controls and processing can bring out the best and the beauty of natural wood.


In an era of mass production and output quotas, CRAFTSMEN who truly invest themselves into their craft are few and far between. We’ve attempted to retain that company culture, and feel our staff's skills speak for themselves. With over 200 years of combined woodworking experience, our shop team brings a lot of hands on expertise to work.


Here are some of the DISTINCTIVES you’ll find in our finished products.

Plywood Construction

Dowel Pin Joints

Blum Hinge Hardware


Our cabinetry is all FINISHED by select finishing shops that embrace our approach to excellence. Whether you choose your favourite stain or other finishes, each will be of premium quality and offer maximum protection.