WE THINK every great kitchen or bath starts with GREAT IDEAS.

YOU have them, for starters. And as we listen to your ideas—your vision of a dream kitchen—we’re likely to bring some more to the table. We’re always striving for a collaborative approach, one that ensures the finished product meets your expectations, and is TRULY YOURS.

We value the creativity of our designers, and can bring you a clear sense of current trends and styles. We often recommend features and upgrades that many of our clients have loved, and that can give a unique edge to your custom kitchen. But at the end of the project, it’s you that lives in your kitchen every day. We want to make that experience as pleasurable and as TRULY YOURS as possible.

READY TO TALK? Bring us some basic dimensions, any photos you might have of cabinetry that’s especially inspiring to you, and so on. Based on your input, we’ll do initial concepts of your proposed kitchen or bath cabinets, and discuss them with you. We can also offer 3D renderings as the process nears completion.

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  • 2Preliminary
  • 3Design